Abertay awarded £250K to improve insulation

Published: 01/10/14

We are delighted to announce that Abertay is one of just 24 Housing Associations and Local Authorities in Scotland to be awarded a slice of the £4.5 million Green Homes Cashback funding from the Scottish Government. The maximum grant of £250K was only given to 13 organisations so we are really proud of the staff involved in submitting the bid and helping us to achieve this for tenants. This grant will help us to fund internal insulation works to a further 65 homes this year on top of the 82 that we have completed up to the end of August. This will mean lower energy bills for tenants and help put more money back in your pocket.

The total cost per property of these works is about £6000 – the grant equates to just over £3800 per property with Abertay paying the remainder plus re-decoration costs.

We will be contacting tenants living in homes which qualify for these works very shortly to explain what is involved – these will be mainly gas heated flats with no fines solid wall construction plus around 10 properties without mains gas that still have electric storage heaters and which have not been previously upgraded.

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