Ending Your Tenancy

Before you end your secure tenancy, be sure you are moving to accommodation that meets your needs. If you are leaving because of rent arrears, anti-social behaviour, harassment or fleeing domestic abuse please let us know. There are options available that may help you remain in your home.

How do I end my tenancy?

You must give 28 days notice in writing as stated in your tenancy agreement. You can write us a letter or visit our office to complete a termination form. The 28 days will begin from the date we receive written notice.

If you need to extend your notice contact our Customer Service Team. We will consider your request, but you may need to start your 28 day notice period again.

You can hand in your keys before your 28 days notice expires, but you will still be charged the full 28 days rent.

If you are transferring to another Abertay property, have a Short Scottish Secure Tenancy or an Occupancy Agreement these requirements may differ. Please contact our Customer Service Team for advice.

What if I have a Joint Tenancy?

All tenants must sign the letter / termination form. Then follow the same process as above.

If you wish to end your part of the Joint Tenancy, and the other Joint Tenant does not, please state this in your letter. Then follow the same process as above. The other party to the tenancy agreement must also write to us stating that they wish to stay in the property under a sole tenancy.

If your joint tenancy is for a Retirement or Specially Adapted property, the property must meet the remaining tenants’ needs. If it does not, we will seek to suitably rehouse them elsewhere.

Will you visit my property before I leave?

When we receive your notice we will arrange a ‘Leaving Visit’ with you. A Maintenance Officer and a Housing Officer will visit to check the condition of the property and garden. We will identify any repairs you are responsible for. These must be completed before you leave or we may recharge you.

What else should I know?

Your keys should be returned to our Fintry office by no later than 12 noon the day after your tenancy ends. You are still responsible for the property and rent until we receive the keys.

The returned keys should include at least two full sets each with door entry fobs.

You will be recharged for any work we carry out to clear, clean, change locks or rectify damage.

Our Customer Service Team are here to help guide you through the process. If you are struggling with any aspect of your move please contact us.