Grounds Maintenance

Who looks after what?

Most estates have a combination of adopted and unadopted roads, footpaths and communal land. Adopted areas are the responsibility of your local authority and are paid for out of Council Tax. Unadopted areas are maintained by Abertay and you contribute to their maintenance through our system of shared charges.

Plans detailing the areas maintained by Abertay Housing Association in your community can be accessed by clicking on the area below.

Following a challenging year for Abertay’s new Landscaping Contractor, Resolution Grounds Maintenance, we mutually terminated the contract as it was not working for either party.  As a result Abertay have secured the services of JD Minto to carry out some outstanding landscaping works throughout January and February 2020, which will ensure the Estates are brought up to an acceptable standard for a new Landscaping Contractor starting the new contract 1st April 2020.

Timing of works

Some types of maintenance work are seasonal, so unless they present a health and safety risk, we will plan to carry out the work at the most appropriate time of year. You may therefore find that work you have reported is not carried out for some time.

Abertay’s Open Space Maintenance Contract has been awarded to Ground Control Ltd. However, due to the Covid-19 outbreak this service was unable to start on 1 April 2020 as planned. Therefore, we look forward to working with Ground Control when normal life resumes and it will be a case of playing catch-up for the first quarter of the new season. The Estates had been brought up to a good standard by JD Minto throughout the winter months which should lessen the burden.

The Winter Tree Maintenance Works for 2019/20 have been completed and you can view the full list of Winter Works completed here. As usual, Abertay tried to manage the works based on priority, whilst giving consideration to residents’ wishes, to ensure that costs were at least in line with, but in most cases predominantly less, than previous years. This year’s Winter Tree Maintenance works were again carried out by Tree Maintenance Scotland, whilst general landscaping improvement works were completed by JD Minto.

Any requests for works received will be held for next year’s programme.

List of plans: