Water Damage

The Importance of reporting water leaks to Abertay as soon as possible

Abertay continually faces the risk of potential damage to its properties as a result of water leaks.  However, these risks can be reduced by vigilant tenants in helping to identify a water leak early, thus limiting damage to their own home and to neighbouring properties.

The extent of water damage can become much worse in tenement blocks where there are neighbours above and below, particularly as we can face issues with leaking boilers, showers and baths where the silicone seal has deteriorated or failed between the shower tray / bath and the wall.  Water has an uncanny knack of finding the smallest gap and gravity does the rest, which means that your leak or problem can very rapidly become your neighbour’s problem too.

Water leaks can sometimes be difficult to spot, but the effects can be devastating.  If left alone, a small leak can go undetected for years.  Therefore, Abertay is counting on tenants to be more vigilant.  We would like to hear from you as a matter of urgency if you see any sign of an issue.  This can be if you hear the sound of running water, spot standing areas of water or notice brown staining on plasterboard walls / ceilings, have trouble with the pressure in your Central heating / Hot Water system, or experience damp / mould or rotting timber anywhere in the home.

Abertay’s Responsibility as your Landlord is to keep the structure and exterior of the dwelling (including drains, gutters and external pipes) in a good state of repair to fulfil the tenancy agreement.  We also have to maintain and repair installations for the supply of water, gas, electricity and sanitation (including basins, sinks, baths and sanitary conveniences) to fulfil the tenancy agreement.  However, Abertay is not responsible for works or repairs for tenants’ possessions or things such as carpets or decoration.

Although we always try to assist tenants who wish to carry out alterations in the home, particular care must be taken when installing anything that has the potential to cause water damage and therefore, we need to hear of any plans you have in relation to carrying out DIY jobs and more importantly, who is going to be carrying out the work.  The exact responsibilities are set out in any explicit terms within the Tenancy Agreement, but tenants must be aware that if water damage has resulted in the carpet or decoration becoming shabby it is the tenant who is responsible for the repair.

Tenants are responsible for arranging Contents Insurance, which means that it is in the tenant’s best interests to report any water leak issues, no matter how small as soon as it becomes apparent.  Being responsible and observant will avoid the potential for Abertay to recover any damages and costs, as laid out in our Rechargeable Repairs Policy and Procedures, or the tenant having to make a claim on their contents insurance.

If you would like to report a water leak, please phone 01382 903545, or click here.