Report Anti-Social Behaviour

Everyone has a different idea of what anti-social behaviour means.  It can range from playing loud music to racial and other forms of harassment, including threatening behaviour, acts of violence or abuse.


Our zero tolerance approach

We are committed to ensuring you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful life in your home.  We will not tolerate tenants being abused, harassed or subjected to noise, nuisance or other anti-social behaviour from those around them.


What to do if you have a problem

If you feel your neighbour is acting unreasonably towards you, it may help to speak to them about the problem.  You may be surprised to find they are unaware they are disturbing you.  Talking to each other can clear up misunderstandings and often problems can be resolved in this way.  However if you feel it may lead to conflict then please contact Abertay.

Our leaflet explains the procedure we will follow when responding to a complaint.


Contacting Abertay

We take all complaints seriously and act swiftly to resolve problems at an early stage.  If you would like to report anti-social behaviour please contact Abertay.  You can do this in a number of ways:


What Abertay will do

Your complaint will be acknowledged or responded to within 3 or 5 working days depending on the Category it is placed in.  Our Categories are:

Category ASerious / Extreme

  • Racial harassment
  • Domestic abuse
  • Serious or extreme / threatening behaviour
  • Drugs and / or violence and / or damage to the property.

Category B – Noise / Nuisance 

  • Noise complaints
  • Nuisance complaints
  • Pets
  • Other tenancy breaches.

Category C – Estate Management 

Includes Estate Management issues such as:

  • Dumped furniture / mattress etc.
  • Dirty Close
  • Dog fouling
  • Vandalism
  • Overgrown garden


Category A will be acknowledged or responded to within 3 working days.

Categories B and C will be acknowledged or responded to within 5 working days.


For reports of Estate Management issues, such as dumped items in common areas, vandalism, dirty closes, overgrown gardens etc. where you do not know who is the perpetrator please contact our Customer Service Team on 01382 903545 or alternatively email us at


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