Selling Your Property – Notifying Us

If you decide to sell your house, please tell us about the change of ownership as soon as you know the date of sale. This will allow us to update our records and make sure invoices are sent to the correct owner. We will work out any outstanding shared charges, apportioned to the date of sale, and send you a final bill. Contact our Factoring Officer, Donna, on 01382 513823.

It is the responsibility of the solicitors involved in the sale of a property within our Estates to ensure the seller and buyer are informed of their responsibilities under the title deeds for Estate Management costs and common repairs.

When we are informed that you have become an owner within one of our Estates, we will send you a personalised copy of the Statement of Factoring Services.

If you do not live in the property (eg if you rent it out), please let us have a forwarding address so correspondence in relation to the property reaches you.  It is your responsibility to let us know if your forwarding address changes.