Altering and Improving Your Home

Abertay’s aim is to provide our tenants with a house which can very easily be made into a comfortable home, without too much work needing done by the tenant.  However, we also understand that people often want to put their own stamp on their house, from decorating individual rooms or fitting new lighting, to more ambitious projects like modifying or replacing your kitchen or bathroom.

Therefore, Abertay encourage tenants to request permission from Abertay to carry out any alterations or improvements in their home and to enable us to update our records.  We always seek to grant permission for such requests, however we may require you to provide details of who would be carrying out the work, the materials to be used, evidence of statutory permissions (planning or building control if required) or safety certificates (if the electrical and gas services are affected).  We might also need to consider the needs of your neighbours if the request affects them.

Once you have completed the work we also ask that you notify us to allow us to inspect the works to ensure that everything has been carried in accordance with the request and to the required workmanship standards.

Finally should you leave your home, depending on what works you have done, you may be asked to put the house back to its original condition, as failure to comply with this request may result in you being recharged for the cost to Abertay to reinstate things.

Should you be planning to do any alterations or improvements, or want more information please contact us.

The Alterations / Improvements Application Form is available here or through My Home.