Winter Grounds Maintenance

Some types of maintenance work are seasonal, so unless they present a health and safety risk, we will plan to carry out the work at the most appropriate time of year. You may therefore find that work you have reported is not carried out for some time.

Abertay’s Open Space Maintenance Contract was awarded to Ground Control Ltd and they will carry out the landscaping works until 31 March 2023.  Due to the Covid-19 outbreak this service was unable to start on 1 April 2020 as planned, however, Ground Control started grass cutting operations in mid May 2020 and we are confident that the extra resources they have provided will bring the contract back on schedule by the end of June.

The Winter Tree Maintenance Works for 2019/20 were completed before the lockdown, the full list of which you can view here.  However, some stump grinding works are outstanding and we anticipate the contractor being able to complete this in June 2020.  As usual, Abertay tried to manage the works based on priority, whilst giving consideration to residents’ wishes, to ensure that costs were at least in line with, but in most cases predominantly less, than previous years.  This year’s Winter Tree Maintenance works were again carried out by Tree Maintenance Scotland, whilst general landscaping improvement works were completed by JD Minto.

Any requests for works received will be held for next year’s programme.