Helping You to Pay

If you are having difficulty paying your invoice, we are willing to discuss a suitable repayment plan with you.  Please contact our Factoring Officer, Donna, on 01382 513823 for further information.  It is our policy to pursue all amounts due.

The debt recovery procedures which are in place to recover all outstanding balances in a timely manner are as follows:

  • Our invoices state that payment should be made within 30 days from the date of invoice to avoid an additional £20.70 admin charge.
  • A reminder letter is sent to all owners 30 days after the original invoice has been issued. This requests payment to be made within 15 days to prevent a late payment fee of £20.70 being allocated to the account and the debt being passed to our debt collectors.
  • Owners who are having difficulties paying their debts are encouraged to get in touch with us to arrange a payment plan.
  • After 45 days have expired if no payment has been received then a £20.70 charge is added to the owner’s account with the exception of those who have arranged payment by instalments.
  • The debt is then passed on to our debt collectors who send out 2 letters, followed by a presue visit (as per our instructions). Any legal expenses incurred as a result of any legal action raised will be charged to the individual and are not settled by Abertay Housing Association.
  • We may instruct our debt collectors to register a Notice of Potential Liability or an inhibition on the property to protect the amount due and ensure that on the sale of the property the debt is recovered.
  • Details of agencies that give free, independent, impartial, confidential money advice are available here.