Published: 21/02/13

Since December 2011 we’ve been experimenting with the way we do things when a tenant leaves a property and we allocate it to a new tenant.

We have given new tenants decoration vouchers in the past. We have also been carrying out some decoration in homes prior to the new tenant moving in where required.

It became apparent that not all new tenants would like the decorating we carried out and would prefer to choose their own colour of paint, wallpapers etc. and do this work out themselves.

With this in mind, we decided to give new tenants another option when considering decoration. We have entered into an agreement with Dulux Decorator Centre to provide decoration vouchers or paint packs to new tenants if we feel the property has a poor decorative standard.

Existing Abertay Housing Association tenants can also benefit from a discount of up to 28% discount from Dulux when obtaining goods. A valid Abertay Tenancy Agreement must be shown at the time of purchase to qualify for the discount.

The nearest store is located at:
Dulux Decorator Centre
Faraday Street
Dryburgh Industrial Estate

For more info see the Dulux refresh poster

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