Published: 06/01/12

A Welfare Reform Bill is currently going through Parliament at Westminster which proposes several changes to the current welfare benefits system.

For those of you currently in receipt of Housing Benefit, you need to be aware of some of the changes which may affect you.

What are some of the changes?

  • All working age benefits will be replaced with a Universal Credit.
  • Housing Benefit will be rolled up into Universal Credit and will be paid to you monthly in arrears. At the moment, the majority of you choose to have your Housing Benefit paid direct to Abertay, but under Universal Credit you will no longer have the choice and will have to manage your own rent payments.
  • A Housing Benefit cap will be introduced on homes where there are deemed to be more bedrooms in the property than a household requires.
  • Increased Housing Benefit deductions will be made for claimants who have
    non-dependants living with them (i.e. grown-up relatives or lodgers)

If you feel that you are likely to be affected by any of the above changes and wish to discuss the matter further then please contact:

The Arrears Management Team on 01382 903545

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