Helping Tenants Remain in their Home

Published: 12/11/19

We were thrilled to receive partial grant funding from the Scottish Government and have recently begun an extension, approved by Perth and Kinross Council, to one of our properties in Kingoodie. Working to a design by James F Stephen, Architects, our contractor QAPM has started work on the single storey one-bedroom extension for Karen and Claire.

Karen said ‘The extension is for my daughter Claire, who has had many health issues from birth including severe developmental delay, special needs and behavioural issues, and is also on the Autism spectrum.  Claire is also at great risk of accidents on stairs due to epilepsy, and is unsteady on her feet due to sight loss. We have been tenants of Abertay for almost 20 years and this is the only house that Claire has known; therefore, moving to another house or area would have been detrimental to her health and wellbeing.  I would like to thank Dean and the team at Abertay for their professionalism and consideration to us in the planning phase and now that the work is under way.  This will be life changing for Claire and we cannot thank Abertay Housing Association enough.’

The build programme is estimated to take around 8-10 weeks and we are hopeful that it will be complete in time for Karen and Claire to enjoy Christmas in their newly upgraded home.

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