New Gas Safety Arrangements

Published: 29/07/15

We’ve made some changes to the arrangements for Gas Safety Checks. The visit is FREE so it’s important we get access to your home EVERY year to make sure your gas appliances are safe for both you and your neighbour’s benefit.

We rely on your co-operation for access to your property as per your Tenancy Agreement, so please help us to help you.

In future, if our contractor fails to get access after two attempts, we will try to contact you by telephone or letter. If no response after 7 days, we’ll arrange a Joint Visit for a gas engineer and Maintenance Officer. If you miss this appointment you will be charged a £50 no access fee and we may serve an Abandonment Notice to check if you are living at the property.

If despite this no access arrangements are made, the Operations Director will decide whether to give 24 hours’ notice and force access. You will be recharged for the cost of this.

We hope it will not be necessary to charge anyone or force access. To avoid this simply call WRB Gas or Abertay to re-arrange a service date if the one provided is not suitable.

Thank you.

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