Power of Attorney

Published: 20/12/16

The Power of Attorney Campaign is starting to gear up!

Did you know that if you become unable to make decisions for yourself – because of illness or injury for example – no-one else can make those decisions for you, unless you have given them legal powers to do so?  This means that your next of kin does not have the legal right or responsibility to make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to make decisions for yourself, they must be grated legal powers to do so via a Power of Attorney.

Since the initial campaign in 2014, we have seen an increase in the number of people in Tayside applying for a Power of Attorney.  All these individuals now have peace of mind regarding decisions about their future, should a time come when they do not have capacity.  For example having a Power of Attorney will prevent the need for a lengthy Guardianship process if you are in Hospital.

The Power of Attorney campaign is contributing to a positive culture shift by encouraging conversations and more openness about people’s future health needs and wishes.

The campaign has a dedicated website, http://www.mypowerofattorney.org.uk/ , which provides valuable help and information including costs involved in setting up a POA and how to check if you are eligible for Legal Aid.

Don’t put things off until you are older.

Prepare for the future, starting NOW!

Consider a Power of Attorney

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