Scottish Housing Day – Customer Services Team Leader

Published: 08/09/23

This year, for Scottish Housing Day, we are celebrating housing as a career.
So for this year, we want to celebrate the work of everyone who has made housing their career of choice, we want to establish even more ways that people can join this profession and we want the Scottish Government and other relevant agencies to play their role in communicating the value of a career in housing to ensure that housing is recognised as a career of choice and share our own stories here at the Association with everyone too.

Customer Service Team Leader
I started my career in housing having previously worked in customer service roles for WRB Gas and QAPM who are two of Abertay’s contractors. During these roles, I had an insight into the housing world working closely with Abertay as well as other Housing Associations and Councils all over Scotland. I felt social housing was a path I wished to follow as my morals and values align with the ethos of the business.

After studying for my Psychology degree, and knowing I wanted to help people in some way, work closely with people, work in the community, and, help contribute to people in our society having a better quality of life, I came to work with Abertay initially based in the office as Repairs Co-ordinator for QAPM. This role supported Abertay staff helping to answer repairs calls for a year during their restructure and transition from housing assistants and repairs assistants to a combined Customer Service Team who would provide a one stop service.

I really enjoyed my time in the Abertay office, having getting greater insight into social housing which led to me directly working for Abertay. In 2013, I started my employment as Technical Admin Assistant, 9 months later moving on to the Customer Services Assistant role and then my current role as Customer Service Team Leader in 2016, a role which I still love to this day! At the start of this year, I had my 10 year social housing birthday and overall have worked in Customer Service for 24 years.

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