Tenant Voice Scotland

Published: 09/07/20

Tenant Voice Scotland has recently publicised their new national initiative.  TPAS has created Tenant Voice Scotland to enable all tenants to share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

They would love to be able to reach as many tenants as possible, encouraging them to sign up.  Each new tenant that signs up will be eligible to receive a gift voucher to redeem online.  To register to be part of the tenant voice survey, please send complete the form.  As we develop Tenant Voice Scotland, the first survey will be only be available online, via SurveyMonkey.

A collective summary of all the answers collated in the survey will be shared on TPAS’s website, and to their key partners such as tenants groups, landlords, Scottish Government, Tenants Regional networks and the Scottish Housing Regulator with a view to shaping legislation, influencing policies and consult on proposed changes on housing policy to make it safer, fairer and tenant focused.

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