Reasonable grounds for refusing permission

Reasonable grounds for refusing permission include:

  • We have served a notice warning we may seek eviction on certain grounds because of your conduct.
  • We have obtained an order for your eviction.
  • It appears that you propose to receive a payment of an unreasonable rent or deposit.
  • The proposed change would lead to the criminal offence of overcrowding.
  • The applicant cannot prove residence for the qualifying period.

In a mutual exchange, reasonable grounds also include:

  • Your house was let to you because of your employment with us.
  • Your house was designed or adapted for persons with special needs and if the exchange was allowed, there would be no person living in the house who required those designs or adaptations.
  • The other property is larger than your household needs or not suitable for the needs of your household.

These examples do not alter our general right to refuse permission on reasonable grounds.

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