Gas Safety

Abertay ensure that all our gas installations and appliances are checked and maintained at least once a year. This also includes checking Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

Our Gas contractor, WRB Gas, will let you know when they are coming to do this. If this appointment is not convenient contact either WRB Gas or Abertay to arrange another one. For your own safety, it is very important that we carry out this safety check each year and therefore, Abertay will enforce access to do this if necessary.

As a tenant you should always get our written permission to carry out any alterations to your home. This is particularly important in the case of any gas installations and you should make sure that only Gas Safe registered contractors do the work.

The installation and use of heaters and cookers fired by paraffin or liquid petroleum gas (LPG) in the house is prohibited. If you are found to have such appliances you will be instructed to remove them to ensure the safety of both you and your neighbours.

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