Polystyrene Tiles

Tenants have installed decorative polystyrene ceiling tiles and coving in some of our properties.  There are dangers associated with these materials.

Polystyrene is a highly flammable or easily ignited product.  Polystyrene ceiling tiles and coving are not illegal and you can still go to  stockists and DIY stores to buy them.  Modern products contain a fire retardant additive and are not so high a risk.  Polystyrene ceiling tiles and coving which have been installed for a number of years can be a major fire risk.  An out of control house fire can produce poisonous gaseous fumes and the plastic in the polystyrene can drip and burn your skin as it falls.  Although Abertay has taken steps to ensure that there are carbon monoxide detectors and smoke and heat detectors fitted in our properties as an early warning system we would recommend that anyone who has polystyrene materials in their home should make plans to remove it and redecorate to ensure your home is as safe as possible.

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