Everyone who is a tenant or other customer of Abertay is different and an individual in their own right.

It is important to us that we try to meet the needs of those from all walks of life, and show respect, fairness and understanding in everything we do.

In practice, it means as a landlord and service provider we try to treat everyone fairly regardless of their personal characteristics – including for example, their age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion or belief; or their marriage and civil partnership, gender reassignment, or pregnancy and maternity status.

We also firmly oppose all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

We do this not only because of our legal responsibilities, but because it is a vital part of who we are and what we are trying to achieve as an organisation. It also helps us become better at what we do.

We always try our best to find out what our tenants’ and customers’ individual needs are, and understand how we can meet them.

We know we must make all information about us, our services and other activities as accessible as possible. This means making it easily understood and widely and easily available in a variety of places and ways. We are also aware of the importance of making sure we are easy to contact – and that we contact you in a way that suits your needs or preferences.

If you have particular needs or preferences – in terms of how you access our services or information, or about how we contact you – please let us know. We’d also be keen to hear from you if you have any other comments or suggestions about the information we provide or how we make it available.

We believe that all tenants and owners have the right to equal access to information and services available.

We can provide the following services:

  • Interpretation and translation service to tenants and customers whose first language is not English
  • Services for tenants and customers who have a hearing or sight impairment
  • Services to tenants and customers who have difficulty reading standard English print and require information in accessible formats

To help meet the needs of tenants:

  • We have added the Recite Me accessibility and language tool to our website.  For further information on this, please click here for a user guide or here for a video guide.
  • The Recite Me translate service is available for our website.
  • We can arrange for a community language interpreter
  • We can arrange for a British Sign Language interpreter
  • We can translate written material such as leaflets, posters and letters
  • We can produce written material in braille, large print, audio tape and CD
  • We have a portable loop system available
  • We have ramped or level access entrances at our main office and retirement housing complexes
  • Home visits may be arranged if you cannot visit our offices

For further information please contact us on 01382 903545 or queries@abertayha.co.uk.